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Training camp for avalanches

Learn to save life!

Statistically, after the alarm is raised, the rescuers manage to be on site in half an hour. In the first quarter of an hour, the chance of survival for those buried by the snow mass gradually drops to 40 percent. For this reason, the help of any comrades, who have escaped or self-liberated, is often decisive. It is in this sense and these first rescue measures that the avalanche school camp is inspired. Because if the measures taken by the comrades are aimed at the event, the chances of survival of those who are overwhelmed increase considerably.
The ARVA training camp is accessible during the opening hours of the ski area. It is useful for those who want to refresh their knowledge that can then characterize and automate the participant’s attitude.

Each interested party can move independently. However, the collaborators of the Alpine Rescue also offer free introductions. A typical exercise includes a brief theoretical introduction, in which the localization tool is explained. These are basic information that those who use it must know: knowing how it works allows you to know its potential. This is followed by the practical part: at the school camp, one’s own signal is tested and the search for an overwhelmed person is simulated, to be found under a snow cover. The fixed field allows at any time the simultaneous search for ten buried people who are chosen at random.


The ARVA training camp is accessible from Christmas – snow conditions permitting.

Access is free.

For information on the ARVA Field and on the introductory courses held by the Alpine Rescue collaborators, contact: Tel. +39 0471 773102 |

Download with the description of the technical operation of the ARVA Field.

The other training camps for avalanches in South Tyrol

The ski resorts of Plose, Piz Sella, Sesto Pusteria, Plan in Val Passiria, Solda and Ladurns in Val di Fleres have given life to the initiative, desired and promoted, with the aim of promoting greater safety in the mountains.

The following ARVA Fields in South Tyrol all work according to the same principle and with the same technology.

  • Solda ski area – Solda cable cars Tel .: +39 0473 613 047,
  • Sesto ski area, Tel .: +39 0474 710355,
  • Plose ski area – Tel. +39 0472 200433,
  • Plan ski area in Alta Val Passiria – Tel .: +39 0473 646721, skiliftpfelders @ rolma
  • Ladurns ski area Tel .: +39 0472 770559,